Our history

The origins of Cobra Control go back to the 80’s, when our founder, the Cobra Computer Kft was one of the companies starting with the assembly and distribution of personal computers in Hungary. In addition, Cobra Computer developed Cobra Conto, a software package for accounting and distributed the data acquisition products of Advantech. After the termination of the contract with Advantech, Cobra Computer concluded a distribution agreement with National Instruments in 1993, thereby maintaining the existence of the data acquisition division of the company. However, a new company had been founded for the distribution of the NI products, and this was Cobra Control.

The first managing director and the initial staff were former employees of the Central Research Institute for Physics (KFKI), one of the most prestigious research centers in Hungary, and quite soon Cobra Control moved to KFKI campus. Parallel to the distribution work, we started our engineering activity right at the beginning. This enabled us to offer turn-key systems based on the products we distributed. After the stagnant business in the 90’s, the beginning of the 2000’s brought a period of fast development. The driving force of this fast development were the procurements in test technology of the large international automotive and electronic manufacturers settled in Hungary, consequently Cobra Control rapidly became skilled in this area.

Significant milestones of the specialization in test technology were the distribution agreements with Göpel electronic and Digitaltest (2003 and 2004). The cooperation with National Instruments as distributor terminated in 2008, and it was transformed into a membership of the National Instruments Alliance. Cobra Computer and its owner sold their stake in Cobra Control in 2012. The two companies have had completely different stake holders since then.

Despite the unfavorable events of world economy, Cobra Control entered a new development path in the years of 2008-2009, which was fundamentally driven by its own engineering activity. The existing infrastructure became very soon insufficient for this, so the company moved to FMV Industrial Park in 2014. The new site has facilitated the fast increase of headcount and turnover along with the procurement of own machinery. Thanks to the new environment, highly increased capacity and extended portfolio, Cobra Control is now in the position of implementing a number of large scale projects simultaneously.