From the laboratory to the production line

The two decades of our experience in test technology provide a solid background for our clients in ensuring that their products meet the ever increasing quality expectations imposed by their customers.

Be it a flexible laboratory solution or a fast and reliable end of line tester, our systems cover the requirements of customers in a wide range of application areas. We are glad to implement demanding solutions with sophisticated measurement and communication functionalities far beyond the requirements of routine projects.

High-end applications

Our typical projects are test systems for complex automotive products. These solutions may include a variety of critical measurement functions up to voltages in the range of several hundred V and high currents. In addition to testing, the product needs to be programmed in many cases. The tester must be able to communicate with the product or even to simulate the messages generated by the vehicle environment. We are experienced in the challenging field of testing LCD displays and cameras as well.

Vibration diagnostics

Our systems in the field of vibration diagnostics are internationally recognized. Besides building the measurement hardware and deploying the software implementing the appropriate mathematical algorithms, our expertise includes the careful selection of measurement methods, sensors, microphones and the professional mechanical design and construction. As a result of our experience gained during the two decades, we have created a software framework that can be easily adapted to any particular project for providing an optimal analysis algorithm.

All about testing

In addition to functional testers, our portfolio includes in-circuit and flying probe testers along with boundary scan and other embedded test and programing technologies. These areas are covered by the products and know-how of our distribution partners. Besides reselling these products, we provide complete, turn-key solutions, fixtures, applications and training as well.

Tester and production line from a single source

Our offer includes complete mechanical solutions, assembly lines, special machines, fixtures, workpiece carriers and robotic cells. Owing to this, our customers can purchase the testers and assembly lines needed for launching the manufacturing of a new product from a single source.

Custom hardware and software development

Cobra Control is mainly engaged in building systems of standard off-the-shelf components. Nevertheless, based on our experience and capacity, we are glad to participate in custom development or manufacturing projects. Our expertise includes the development or production of electronic units and various software projects.