Our Partners


The foundation and early history of Cobra Cobra is tightly coupled with the Texas-based National Instruments Corporation, the internationally recognized market leader of computer-based measurement technology. Cobra Control had been the distributor of NI in Hungary until the company opened its own Hungarian branch office. LabVIEW, TestStand, PXI, CompactDAQ and the other product families still provide the technological background of the systems that we construct. Cobra Control is a National Instruments Alliance Partner today, that means, we are officially proposed by NI for integrating their products into complete systems. (more)

The headquarters of Göpel Electronic is located in the German city of Jena. Jena is justifiably proud of its having been a high-tech center for more than a century. Besides being a leading vendor of boundary scan /JTAG technology, the company develops and manufactures products for automotive and optical testing. Göpel electronic’s ScanFlex controllers opened a new performance class in boundary scan hardware. Their CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST and K-Line interfaces very closely follow the latest requirements of the automotive industry and based on their unprecedented processing power provide prominent on board services. Cobra Control is a distributor and system integrator for Göpel electronic in boundary scan and automotive testing in Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. Our training program includes a course dedicated to the CASCON boundary scan software environment. (more)

Digitaltest has a long history of manufacturing in-circuit and flying probe testers. The headquarters of the company is in Germany, close to Karlsruhe. All of their test systems are built on a common, uniform, from measurement technology perspective high performance platform, and provide a beneficial cost/performance ratio. By virtue of its numerous innovative solutions, the Condor flying probe tester is one of the best products on the market. In addition to the broad portfolio of tester hardware, Digitaltest offers the C-LINK and QMAN software products for linking CAD data to electronic testing, repairs, fixture design, and quality management. Cobra Control is the distributor and provides application development for Digitaltest products in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, and Croatia. (more)

We have been the distribution partner of Phyton since 2016. Phyton manufactures device programmers for more than 30.000 product types and their modules can equally be used in laboratory and manufacturing environment. (more)